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first year kicker and a time out taken. he drilled it. >> houston called time before they snapped the ball. >> a heart-breaking loss for the washington redskins. just when we thought they had it won, an untimely time-out. i'm sarah simmons in for gurvir dhindsa. it was a tough one for the redskins. we'll get to that in all of our top stories and weather coming up in just a minute. we do want to tell you about three schools that are closed
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today because of a water main break. they are in anne arundel county. they are chesapeake high school, chesapeake bay middle school and folger mackenzie middle school. let's get to talker with the forecast. >> it will be a beautiful day. let's get to the redskins. no, it will be another fine day here. a beautiful day, a little cooler than yesterday. might be a bit of a breeze out of the north to start the day and just a few clouds. can you see those coming in. no rain associated with the frontal system as it will come through dry. out to the east, see the cloud cover. that is the western side of hurricane igor. you can see it passing not too far off to our east.
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around here, nice conditions. temperatures haven't fallen a whole lot. 70 in washington. 6 # in ocean city. # 7 in winchester. we'll be cooler later tonight. becoming mostly sunny. beautiful afternoon. 80-degree your afternoon high. today, about five degrees cooler. more details on the forecast there in just a moment. time now for a look at our top stories. hurricane igor barely missed bermuda and is now making its way up the atlantic ocean. the category one storm with 75- mile an hour winds is now veer ago way from the northeast. igor will continue to strong high surf and strong rip currents along the eastern seaboard. >> in india, a crash has left 10 people dead. a freight train slammed into a passenger train waiting in a train station. it happened about # 0 miles south of the capital of new delhi. police were called to a home on south market treat
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three times to break up a fight between a mand woman. officers arrived to find oliver cohen holding a rifle. police claim cohen fired a shot prompting an officer to open fire. it is not cheer which shot actually killed cohen. the washington redskins fell to the houston texans in overtime despite a great game from donovan mcnabb. he passed for 426 yards but the texans won on a 35-yard field goal t came minutes after the redskins thought they had won but houston called time-out wiping with a a 52-yarder. he then missed the next kick. lindsay murphy has more. >> reporter: the second half, the redskins outscored by 0 points late in this game and the result a stunning loss to
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the houston texans. >> that really hurts. they escaped with a victory. they got lucky. i feel like they got lucky that we let this one slip. >> reporter: there were multiple game-changing plays. biggest, andre john's 4-yard touchdown with 2:03 left in the game. that tied the score. >> make the play, get my hand in between the ball, jumped up. hit the ball out when he starts coming down. >> reporter: on special teams, two more daggers. first a blocked field goal with 6:40 left in the fourth quarter. then in overtime, a 52-yarder but only after the texans called a time out. on his second attempt, the ball would fail wide right. >> he is a good young kicker. we have a lot of faith in him. that is why we let him hit the field goal. he didn't hit it right.
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>> reporter: tonight, an emic battle of the arm as both quarterbacks throw for more than 400 yards. that is the first time that has been done in an nfl game since 1994. welcome to fox 5 on this monday morning, september 0th as we take a live look over the washington monument this morning. good morning, everyone. i am sarah simmons in for gurvir dhindsa. welcome to fox 5 morning news. your weather and traffic coming up in just a moment. first, there are three schools in maryland that are closed today because of a water main break. they are in anne arundel county. the schools that are closed are chesapeake high school, chesapeake bay middle school and folger mckenzie elementary school. keep that in mind. it should be a decent day if you are heading out to the bus stop as well. >> going to be gorgeous. later this afternoon, high temperatures will be only about 80 degrees. weather should be just fine. >> it has been fine for the
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last several days. is it going to continue? >> maybe too good. we need the rain. that is what i i mentioned it's been too good t will be sunny and bright for the next several days. holt and humid towards the middle of the week. let's get to it. currently, we are looking at 70 degrees at reagan national. humidity, 76%. there are your winds out of the north at seven miles per hour. that tells us the cold front has moved through. today will be generally even more pleasant than yesterday if that is possible as it will be even drier and a little cooler. satellite-radar showing you a few clouds streaming through. a nice breeze out of the north. another nice-looking afternoon. lots of sunshine, high temperature, 80 degrees. >> all right. looks beautiful out there. let's see how the roadways look
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this morning. julie wright has your on-time traffic. >> not looking so bad right now. we do find the lane are open traveling around the capital beltway. you will find it is nice and easy along 66 this morning. no trouble spots to report as you continue east of 234 and continue in towards the beltway. overnight roadwork on the beltway itself has cleared. south capital street, douglass bridge reopened early, earlier than expected so the overnight work from the weekend has cleared. the same if those traveling along the chain bridge. no problems to report south on 270 leaving germantown for the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we are keeping a watch of hurricane igor. it appears that the category one storm will likely veer northeast away from the u.s. with 75-mile an hour winds. the eye of the storm barely missed bermuda overnight. no early reports of major damage to the island but many parts did lose power. forecasters say igor will
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continue to cause high surf and strong rip currents along the eastern seaboard. a deadly train crash in india. at least 10 people are dead but there are reports as many as 15 died and over 15 others were injured. a freight train was on the wrong tax it appears when it crashed into a passenger train sitting at a train station t happened touring heavy rain. rescuers are using heavy equipment to get to survivors. questions continue to swirl this morning about the death of a man in frederick, maryland. police were called to a home on south market street three times to break up a fight between a man and a woman. on the third visit, officers found a woman injured and they say oliver cohen was holing a rifle. police say he fired a shot as officers were talking to him so one officer fired a weapon but it is not clear whether cohen actually shot himself.
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>> the gunshot was heard by the officers that were responding and, at this point, everything of that nature is still under investigation and some of those determining as are yet to be made. >> the woman involved was transported to the hospital for minor injuries. an autopsy is being done to determine whether or not the gunshot that killed cohen was self-inflicted or the result of the officer's fire. what was called into 911 as awe fall has now been ruled as a murder. now, a man is accused of killing his own wife. police received a call saturday that the wife had fallen. when they arrived at the home, they realized she had been beaten. she died before she could be taken to the hospital. and her husband is charged with first degree murder. for the first time in nearly 100 years, a woman is set to be executed in virginia. 41-year-old theresa lewis is scheduled to die by lethal injection at the maximum security prison in jarrett on thursday. she plead guilty in 2003 to two
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counts of capital murder for hire. her husband and stepson were the victims. another big story we are following. world leaders are coming together in new york. we have a preview on this one. >> reporter: good morning. representatives from 192 countries are in new york for the united nations general assembly. with the release of an american from iranian president, many eyes and ears are on the iranian president. historically, he can be unpredictable at the u.n. his remarks often include attacks on the united states and israel. the recent release is draw ago digsal attention this year. shourd has expressed gratitude to iran for her release but continues to request the release of her fiance and their friend. he has refused to say whether
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or not the two other american hikers will be released. >> i am, of course, grateful and appreciative that sarah was released and wanted to see not only her two compatriots but other americans who are held without cause released as well. d the nuclear program. >> reporter: iran has not agreed to any meetings on its nuclear program during this week's session and the nuclear watchdog group said last week that some of its inspectors have been blocked from doing their jobs in iran. back to you. >> thank you. now, to a tough one for the washington redskins. fits, you know they blew a big lead and then just when it looked like they would pull out the win in overtime, more frustration. the redskins hay 17-point lead over the houston texans in the third quarter. donovan mcnabb passed for 426 yards but it just was not enough here. houston chiped away at that
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lead and tied it up to force overtime. the redskins still had a chance to win t there was a 5 #-yarder kicked that would have given them a victory. texas called time out right at that kick and he had to do it over. he missed it. the texans won 30-27. >> tough because we had the game won. that is frustrating that we had the game won and we lost. >> it hurt. as a professional, you have to go out there and play the game. coming up late are in our next hour, dave ross will join us for monday morning quarterback. ousted after wrongful claims of racism and now former agriculture department scherrly sherrod is speaking out. she spoke at a d.c. church. hear what she is saying about
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the controversy. plus, rememberrings civil rights leader dr. ron walters. stay with us. 
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muslims rally in new york. a summit of american muslim organizations took to the streets of the big apple. it is meant to address the controversial mosque near ground zero. leaders say they are trying to put up a united stand in the nationwide debate over the mosque. summit is also addressing what organize hes saw is a rise in anti-muslim rhetoric. scherrly sherrod addressed a crowd at a church in the district. she and her husband, the civil rights activist, reverend charles charles sherrod were at the church on m street in northwest. sherrod says she is still haunted by the video that a blogger claims she was racist but she overcame it and told the congregation that african-
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americans need to do more. >> we have to reach out, reach back and help. you know, you never know. you could be helping the second black president of the united states. and next time, she might be a woman. >> sherrod is still planning to sue the conservative blogger who posted the video of her. hundreds gathered at howard university to remember dr. ron walters, the professor, author, political advisor and civil rights leader who passed away on september 10th. among his many accomplishments, shaping presidential campaigns for the reverend jesse jackson and teaching thousands of students. congressman elijah cummings says dr. walters taught him a life lesson the day he complained about a grade. >> he said don't measure yourself by them. you are better than that. and i'll never forget those words. and the respect we had for him
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was so great, i took my little b minus and walked out. >> dr. walters taught at howard for 25 years before becoming director of the african- american leadership institute at the university of maryland. how much sleep do you get a night? we've always been told that eight hours is the magic number for good health. but up next, that might not be the case for everyone. we'll tell you who might not really need that much sleep. a powerful typhoon rocks asia. massive floods, power outages and transportation crippled there. we'll get a full report coming up. more nice weather on the way. we have agot sunshine in the forecast and high temperatures. a little cooler than yesterday. upper 70s, near 80. i'll have all the details on that and julie wright will have a look at your on-time traffic in just a couple of minutes. 
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welcome back. a beautiful start to the day. it likes it will be a beautiful day all the way around. let's check in with tucker barnes now and get a look at the weather. we will in just a second but first, i want to tell you about this. the threat of hurricane igor caused a cruise ship carrying thousands of passengers to make an unexpected trip in boston. the ship took off last week enroute to bermuda but detoured because of the storm. they will set sail again stopping off in new york city
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wednesday. it hasn't done a ton of damage but it has upis the a lot of things, travel, sailing being one of them but it won't impact us too badly. >> right along the beaches, we had pretty big waves this weekend. right here in washington, nothing at all. you see the cloud cover some of our satellite pictures. very impressive storm. a slow mover and still a hurricane as of -- we'll get an update in just a couple of minutes but slowly weakening. our weather couldn't be better. another beautiful one yesterday. a little on the warm side. it looked like everybody at the redskins game was enjoying the beautiful afternoon. dulles was 86. if you are thinking these temperatures are -- there i am. well above average. average temperature should be
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about 80 or so. 07 at reagan national currently. 64 in gaithersburg. 61 in leonardtown. annapolis, 71. that is not quite as comfortable. 66 for new fredericksburg. cold front coming through during the last couple of hours. other than a little cloud cover, not much associated with t no shower activity. really need the rain and once again, not in the cards today as we'll have bright sunshine and plenty of sunshine. look off to the north and west. nothing going on out there. wind are out of the north. that is just off the coast. hurricane igor tracking off to the north and northeast. won't impact us directly. we'll see some waves along the coast associated with it but the outflow reaching very close to the eastern shore. our forecast looking ahead here, a good one. after some early clouds, beautiful afternoon with lots of sunshine, high temperature about 80-degree. wind will be out of the north at about five miles per hour. later tonight, open the windows again. 54degrees. maybe close the windows. put a blanket on. in the upper 40s in some spots.
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wind out of the north at about five miles per hour. the next couple of days unfortunately, we need the rain. just not in the forecast. wednesday, thursday and friday, upper 80s near 90. if it is possible, it will feel a little humid around here by september standards. that is a look at the forecast. let's do some on-time traffic and we know what that means. julie wright. >> we are not letting go of summer. on the roads, you will find the lanes are open as you continue to work your way around northbound i-95 out of springfield headed up towards the capital beltway. light traffic volume joining us this morning. still an easy commute from the beltway out to the 14th street bridge. overnight construction on the beltway between annandale and merrifield has cleared. no problems reported as you travel in from the west off of 66. this is the camera angle from the beltway so this is going outbound in the direction of nutley street and the overnight roadwork picked up now so the lane are open as you continue
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out towards fair oaks. coming eastbound, no problems reported leaving manassas. it is still quiet passing business 234 continuing in towards fair oaks and no problems leaving vienna towards the beltway. the dulles toll road at speed leaving the greenway continuing in towards the beltway. this is over in greenbelt, the beltway here at 201 kenilworth avenue. the inner loop head southbound back around towards andrews, all of your lanes are open. still an easy commute out of annapolis. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. as you get your kids ready for school, a reminder that there are three schools in maryland that are closed today because of a water main break. chesapeake high school, chesapeake bay middle school and folger mckenzie elementary school. igor is not the only storm out there in the ocean right now. a typhoon into asia is dumping
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as much as four feet of rain in some places. mary ann rafferty has more. >> reporter: 44 inches of rain in just hours as a typhoon hits taiwan with winds reaching over 100 miles per hour. people are staying indoors. much of the southern part of the island is under water and thousands have been evacuated. water is knee deep and roads were impassable. >> the roads were flooded. >> reporter: they say it is the strongest typhoon this year. many have been hurt. a local tv station showed footage of rescue workers saving an elderly woman trapped for 10 hours. more than 18 # thousand have been evacuated in eastern china. cctv video shows the typhoon
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hitting the fujian province. 2million people live in taiwan. landslides are the greatest danger to the island. a health alert on those pesky bed bugs. nike's flagship niketown store in new york city is the latest to temporarily close because of an infestation. the store owner hopes to reopen soon. several new york city businesses have been hit by the beds bug infestation in recent months including an abercrombie and fitch, a times square movie theater, google's manhattan office and the empire state building. we have all heard the stories of many americans being sleep deprived but a recent bret issue study shows the old are we get, the less sleep we may need. we have a report. >> i'm a massage therapist so i know i need my sleep. >> reporter: when it comes to sleep, for many it starts with the bed. >> i like something with really
4:52 am
good support, something that conforms to my body. >> reporter: jamie works hard at helping her patients sleep better, especially the elderly. >> as it gets older, it deteriorates. >> reporter: for years it has been taught and believed by many that sleep goes downhill as you get older. new research contradicts that theory. >> there are many people in their 80s and 90s that sleep perfectly normally. >> reporter: the director of the minnesota regional e-zpass slice order center says there is growing evidence the elderly don't need as much sleep. >> the reduced sleep they are getting is just part of the aging process and nothing to worry b they shouldn't lie in bed an extra half hour trying to get that extra half lure's sleep that they don't need. >> reporter: the study also shows even as older people get less sleep, they are less sleepily during the day as well. these are important findings that can help the elderly. >> officer having a lot of trouble sleeping at night, or
4:53 am
if they are way to sleepily during the day, it is not just because they are older. it may be could to something else that may be treatable. >> reporter: what about those experiencing the change? >> first of all, i'm not older. but i would say you definitely sleep less as you get older. >> steve is in his 50s. at a younger age, he watched hi parents not needing much sleep t didn't surprise him when the change started happening for him. >> the quality of sleep i would say is better than it was. so you actually sleep less but i think the quality is better. >> reporter: the debate is far from over as other researchers don't necessarily agree. elderly don't need as much sleep. >> not buying it. not buying that at all. >> reporter: scott wasser man, fox 5 news. a unique looking house made entirely out of foam? it has an interesting history behind it too. we'll take a look inside. 
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the 2010 homeless world cup games are under way in brazil. hundreds of men and women from over 60 countries are gathering to raise awareness about homelessness by playing soccer. the event attracts more than 5,000 people. the championship has been host bid cities like milan, melbourne and copenhagen. 4,000 square feetle real estate are up to for sale near unless. the house you are about to see is truly a piece of history and a piece of art. fox's lee beno takes us inside. >> reporter: from the most you step onto this property, it is fair to say that it is very unique. a lot of people have had the chance to see the house from the outside but today, we got a chance to see it from the inside. >> it is a little different than what your normal house is. >> reporter: the outside has
4:57 am
intrigued people for years. >> well, isn't that slick. >> reporter: when the doors opened for an open house, neighbors jumped at the chance it take a look. >> it just blows your mind. it is totally 60s. >> it is a lot brighter than what i thought it would be. >> if can i sell this, i can sell just about anything. >> reporter: dana murray has become the real estate agent. >> lease look around. there are no square feet. >> reporter: built in 1969, murray has been told the home is centered around a 2 # foot cement structure and secured by support cables that stretch all the way outside. >> it is not really made out of wood. it is made out of this stuff. >> reporter: the moled roof and walls are made up of layers burr laugh, chicken wire, two by twos and lots of foam. >> i'm told it is incredibly strong. >> reporter: the original owns are have passed but their daughter remembers helping make the house when she was just 14 years old. >> she said it was fun to
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decide how we formed the walls and which way they should turn. mom didn't like a wall that was over here so she took something and cut it out and foamed right over it. >> reporter: in 197 0rbg the home was fee newsworld life magazine, and has since hosted countless events and for many considered a piece of local history. >> this would be like a really fun party house. >> reporter: after four decades, much of the mechanics need work. >> i've been in tents bigger than this. >> reporter: most admit the living style isn't for them. >> i could picture myself living in the woods here, maybe knocking down the home. >> it is like flintstones. >> it is the mushroom house,. >> the hobbit house. >> but it was somebody's home for a lot of years an they loved it. >> reporter: truly one of a kind i can't it seems like a shame to tear it down. i just don't know what else you would do with it other than invite people over and say look.
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>> reporter: the house sits on some property so for $2 # 7,000, 7,000 -- for $227,000, the house is essentially free. it is monday, september 0th as we take a live look over our nation's capital this morning. looks like the cameras bouncing about a little bit. i don't know that it is that windy out there. it is supposed to be a very nice day today. i'm sarah simmons in for gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. thank you for being with us on this monday morning. first, some school closing for you. three schools in anne arundel county are closed for students an staff today because of a water main break. closed are chesapeake high school, chesapeake bay middle school and fogger mckenzie elementary school. that is what you need to know on the education front. let's find out what we need to know on the forecast front. >> good morning. you saw the camera bouncing around. could be

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